EcoEnergy Factory Improvement Project

EcoEnergy Factory Improvement Project


Born from the International Lifeline Fund's (Lifeline) roots in humanitarian energy programming, Lifeline transformed its efficient cookstove program into a commercial operation to support livelihoods in Northern Uganda. This operation was registered as an independent social enterprise in 2017 and rebranded under the EcoEnergy name in 2020. Today, EcoEnergy has grown into one of the largest manufacturers in Uganda. 

EcoEnergy produces fuel-efficient cookstoves in Uganda that are affordable for rural families and offer approximately 40% in fuel savings. Families can buy stoves that burn either charcoal or wood, and the stoves save precious income on fuel while reducing smoke inside of the home. However, EcoEnergy’s current systems of production limit the number of stoves the factory can produce per month.

In partnership with Lifeline, the purpose of this new project is to expand the production capacity of the EcoEnergy factory in Lira from 8,000 stoves a month to more than 20,000 stoves a month.

Project Goals

  • Increase production capacity from 8,000 stoves per month to more than 20,000 stoves per month

  • Utilize Continuous Improvement and Human Centered Design approaches to factory upgrades

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