Company Culture


• We believe that all people, no matter where they live, should be able to cook their meals without harm to themselves, their families, or their environment.

• We believe that by leveraging the research, design, and development of innovative clean cookstove technology, we can help to make this a reality.

• We believe that designing improved stoves with abundant input from local people and communities results in stoves that are used consistently because they match the needs of the local customs and culture.

• We believe that efficient cookstoves are especially important to the lives of women and children, because the use of clean-burning cookstoves both improves the air that they breathe and reduces the time & money spent obtaining fuel.  This, in turn, increases the resources women have available for children’s education and other empowering ventures.

• We believe that reducing the demand for wood and charcoal cooking fuels reduces deforestation, improves water quality, and reduces the emission of the climate-altering pollutants carbon dioxide and black carbon.


• Transparency

• Integrity

• Excellence

• Impact

• Collaboration


• Education

• Accountability

Women Carrying Wood